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Regina Smola

WP Security Lock, Inc.
Owner / WordPress Security Expert
Near Rockford, IL and Serving the World
Regina Smola is a sought-after WordPress Security Expert, Speaker, Author and owner of https://wpsecuritylock.com and http://safewp.com. She's been described as "the hacker attacker" by some and "a top server and security specialist" by others. No matter how they describe her, clients regularly welcome the benefits that flow from their work together. Most notably, clients feel safe that their Wordpress website will continue to make a big impact on their business and add value to their respective clients. Known for her compassionate, direct, and truth telling candor, Regina Smola has counseled and assisted thousands of Wordpress users tighten security on their websites and fixed hundreds of hacked WordPress blogs. Whether working one-on-one with clients, as a team facilitator, or as an inspiring speaker, Regina’s commitment is to educate clients about the dangers and behaviors of hackers is second to none. When a website has been hacked or taken down by evil no-good-doers, tensions arise and panic sets in. Because of this, Regina thrives in her role as a trusted advisor simply for the freedom she has to speak her mind without apology while offering clients the safety, trust, and privacy to do the same. Regina offers... WordPress Security and Repair Services Malware Removal, and Website Restoration Security Audits and Ongoing Maintenance Security Consultations and Monitoring Dedicated Server Security Regina is an Official MyNAMS instructor and has been a member of the MyNAMS community since early 2010. She is also available to speak at live events and conferences, teleseminars, and at team training meetings. More Info... She's been an Online entrepreneur since 1999. Regina's other specialties include WordPress customization and repair. Regina is the proud mother of two wonderful boys and two golden retrievers. She lives in Davis Junction, Illinois (just outside of Rockford). And she has the most amazing 2 sets of parents in the world!! Her hobbies include enjoying the outdoors, training her dogs, cooking, reading, watching sports, and spending time with her family. Her favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.